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"Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination".

The Technical Cell REC provides an opportunity and a platform for students to develop their interest and showcase their skills in the field of technology. The Cell aims at pushing forward the students to think beyond the convention, to support innovation, to promote creativity and to increase the technical know-how of all the students of the college. The students can also improve themselves by attending the workshops, webinar, quizzes with dedication to get exposure to many other areas apart from their syllabus that the Technical Cell holds throughout the year. The Technical Cell headed by different student coordinators and members while the main directing body of the Cell is headed by the Overall Coordinator.


Subhash Kesharwani (EE, 2015-2019)

God is life creator for us, doctors are life saver for us same as engineer's are one who makes everyone's life enjoyable and live with comfort. So being an engineer I feel proud and Personally for me, Technical Cell gave me various gifts such as leadership capabilities, management skills, patience, polite nature, expeditious action capabilities, and awesome juniors . So if you want these or more then come with us and join our family.

Prashant Kumar (EE, 2015-2019)

College is one of the best places to create strong relationships lasting beyond four years. It gives us an experience that combines both education and relationships. Whether experiences come from education, internships, extracurricular, or recreational, each and everyone will have better prepared us for the real world outside of college. I'm thankful to our institution to gives us all this opportunity by allowing us to form Technical Cell and gather all these experience throughout our college days.


"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement"

Achievements are the desires that we love to have for, they are our those goals we struggle to achieve. Our team also had earned achievement in "2k19 Aarambh" annual fest. We're glad that our team Technical Cell REC had won the "Best Club of REC" Award in 2k19 Aarambh and since 2019 we're still holding No.1 position tag.

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" TechTrends Today: Exploring Frontiers of Innovation "

Welcome to the latest edition of Campus Chronicles, your window into the vibrant world of REC. As we embark on a new academic year filled with possibilities, challenges, and achievements, we're thrilled to bring you stories that capture the essence of our college life.

In this edition, you'll discover:
  • 🌟 Emerging Technology
  • 📚 Technical Trends
  • 🌏 Global Perspectives on Emerging Technology
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