With a motive to provide a common platform for Interdisciplinary technical activities in the college, Technical Cell REC was established in September, 2017. Technical Cell REC works towards an aim to bring all round development in the students through their active role in technical activities to supplement education and nurturing their talents here by encouraging their participation in a number of contrasting events. Since its inception, the Cell has been very active in conducting lots of events, competitions and workshops for the students of REC Rewa. The Cell consists of self-motivated students from all the domains of engineering  who gather together to come up with some new and innovative ideas and work on them. Technical Cell carries out its activities through extremely dedicated student coordinators who function under the guidance of Prof. Amit Shukla, Prof. Praveen Nagesh, the Faculty Coordinators of the Technical Cell REC. Many activities have been well formulated by Technical Cell in order to help the students explore, develop interest and learn some skills which might help them in future and also competence of the students in the related technologies with emphasis on application aspects of the concepts. From Circuit Design Competition to AutoCAD Workshop, from Technical Drawing to Bridge Design Challenge and from Fun Games to Scavenger Hunt, everything here is awesome. One of the event conducted by our Cell for the very first time include a "Robo-Soccer" and "Robomaze" which gave opportunities to students to exhibit their incredible talent, was also a significant achievement. With a team of skilled and dedicated student coordinators we had also won the "Best Club of REC Award 2K19". The Technical Cell also aims competitions that are organized, in which the students have performed exceptionally well. Technical Cell REC will organise several events in all semester of academic year, which will truly promote the technical knowledge of the students and helps to work among interdisciplinary.